@JTune_official: [#MBLAQ] ‘바람의 나라’ 호동役 G.O “유약하지만 사람을 끄는 매력과 따듯한 마음을 가진 캐릭터로 서편제의 동호와는 다른 ‘호동-지오’가 탄생될 예정”

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140411 [NEWS] MBLAQ show their support for Lee Joon's drama 'Gabdongi'



tvN uploaded a funny picture of MBLAQ mimicking Lee Joon’s almost psychopathic stare to show their support for his upcoming drama, ‘Gabdongi’!

The channel wrote via SNS, “MBLAQ members’ 4-dimensional support as psychopaths for Lee Joon, who appears in ‘Gabdongi’! A picture of them all with ‘psychopath’ as the concept! Amazing ‘Gabdongi’!”

All of the members are indeed striking pretty spooky but no less humorous facial expressions as they either roll up their eyes, glare into the camera, or pretend to choke another member. Who do you think did the best ‘psychopath’ expression?

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Gapdongi image teasers

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[Interview] MBLAQ is Happy with Wheesung’s Song ‘Be a Man’


MBLAQ confessed its satisfaction for Be a Man gifted by Wheesung. 

The title track Be a Man released on March 24 is a song written and composed by Wheesung and is about a man predicting a breakup with his lover and struggling between the weight of the reality and his yearning for love.

Meeting with Newsen, MBLAQ discussed the focus of its newest title song.

“Many singers focus on singing about love in the spring but we differentiated by focusing on a break up,” said MBLAQ. “It’s heavier than the other songs but we would like to believe that many people also like this type of song.”

As was already mentioned, Be a Man is a song that was gifted to MBLAQ by Wheesung. What is the MBLAQ members’ satisfaction level on the song?

“I would like to give 10 out of 10. I like it the most out of all songs we’ve released so far.” (Mir)

“I would give 5 out of 10. I think the public fills in the other 5.” (Cheon Dung)

“I give 11 out of 10. Wheesung hyung didn’t just give us the song but he’s been constantly giving us advice. He helped us work on the MR and even monitors our performance. He tells us, ‘I think it would be nice if you did it this way’ after watching our performance. He stands not only as a songwriter but a senior singer who cares for us. So I feel very thankful.” (G.O.)

G.O. also shared the story behind getting the song from Wheesung. “Actually I went to Australia with Wheesung hyung for a performance and approached him because I wanted his song. I asked him a favor then, and I’m thankful that he kept his promise.”

Finally, having made its debut in 2009, MBLAQ revealed how it is different than 5 years ago.

“We became more mature in terms of music, as we aged. We have higher expectations for our music and have developed over time in that area. We became more serious and mature about music. We used to be soft back then but now we’re stronger.”

Photo credit: Newsen

MBLAQ’s G.O And Thunder Talk About Dating + Their New Mini-Album ‘Broken’

By James B | March 25, 2014 05:23 AM

Male group MBLAQ just finished up their “showcase” in Seoul as they explained about their new album titled, “Broken” as well “dating experiences.” This “showcase” was held on March 24th and on that day, questions were asked.

The Questions
The questions that were asked was about experiences when it comes to dating. The one who were asked this question was G.O and Thunder. When they were asked, G.O responded by saying, “I should date, but since I can’t, I am paranoid.”

G.O was the one who wrote the songs for “Still With You” as well “Because There Are Two.” G.O said his reason for writing these two by stating, “I wrote those from my imagination.”

G.O was not the only one who “composed” a single for their album, Thunder also “composed” the song, “12 Months.” Thunder also explained about his experience in-terms of dating. He said, “I can’t say that I’ve never had any experience at all.”

Their New Album
As you probably know by now, MBLAQ are back as they have a new mini-album titled, “Broken.” The guys explained about what some of the singles on the album means. The song “Be A Man,” which is the main one for their album, was “by the work of Wheesung.”

The reason why is because G.O bumped into him during an “overseas concert.” Then they had a “discussion” about making this happen. G.O stated, “It’s about a shabby man who becomes unable to do anything after he is informed that the woman he loves has left and this reality corrupts his illusions.”

MBLAQ’s agency, ‘J.Tune Camp’ stated about what the guys are showing with their return of this new album. One representative stated, “The secret concept of this album is to show a manly, albeit cold, gaze rather than a sad one in the midst of a broken love. We plan on showing a color unique to MBLAQ that is completed to perfection and unrivaled.”

You can check-out the tracklist that are on their mini-album below:
1) “Broken” (Introduction)
2) “Be A Man”
3) “Our Relationship”
4) “12 Months”
5) “Key”
6) “Because There are Two”
7) “Still With You” (“Outro”)

Which single are you loving?

Photo Credit: Mblaqglobal
News: KpopStarz

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